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Correct signal entry - Binary options

Correct Signal Entry (Options):

Understanding that an entry will be based around a support/resistance zone will help you to understand that certain criteria must be met before placing your trade. Below is a simple method of assuring you enter correctly which will greatly increase your chances of being profitable.

1. switch to 1 min chart

2. Draw a line at strike price

3. once a 1 min candle closes in favour of the direction (above(Bullish)/below(Bearish)) the line this is our first confirmation. wait for the next candle,

4.if after 40-45 seconds the next candle is also bullish/bearish then enter in the direction stated for the expiry specified.

5. If you miss a signal or don't have required expiry then leave it and wait for the next one.

6. Always do your own due diligence, do your indicators agree? check candle type against reversal patterns

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